Tailoring & Alterations


A sample outline of how customers are measured for their fittings. Although Ivy is a traditional bespoke tailor, she will accept sizes and measurements written down. Keep in mind after the product is complete it may still need to be altered to your body. Allowing her to do your fitting will better allow her to design your items. Fittings are free of charge with your item. Fittings are $10.00 if you are just getting measurements


Tailoring of clothing REQUIRES a fitting. Fittings are REQUIRED if you are looking for just the style of a pattern to be made to your size. Patterns that are brought to Ivy, DO NOT require a fitting. For example, if you come ready with a pattern in hand, which are usually sold by size, she will make the pattern according to the size you choose.


men shirt apron
Ivy is able to quote you a price for most alterations but will have to see the item to give a definite price. (Pricing depends on how intricate ) Hemming, Take Ins/Let Outs, Adjusting straps/sleeves, Turning Collars, Zippers, Button Replacement