Curvy Girls Need Tailors

Every Curvy Girl Needs A Tailor  That's Sew Ivy Graphic

You better believe she does and if you don’t have one you better get one.

Now I know That's Sew Ivy Graphic you have done this. You size up the model in the store & assume she is the same size as you an 8, a 14, or even a 28. You think the outfit she has on is banging & your significant other is going to LOVE it. You try it on, you buy it, then play dress-up when you get home by strutting around the house in it. It’s all good until in get back in front that mirror & find the faults in your outfit. It doesn’t exactly fit you in every spot like you thought it did.

Well don’t take it back to the store, don’t take it to the cleaners for them to mess up, & most of all don’t think you can do it yourself.

Find yourself a good TAILOR. Every curvy girl needs one. Whether you’re a size 00 or 30, you’re still curvy and no two curves are the same. I know you are fully aware ofThat's Sew Ivy Graphic the different type of sizes that women can have such as the triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, diamond, round, & hourglass. Here’s a link to an article I found to be quite nice on different body shapes: Joy of Clothes. Well not only should you be concerned with the silhouette view but also your profile.

Your clothes are looking fine from the front then, uh-oh, you had the nerve to turn to the side or worse yet you turned all the way around to see your backside.

I’ve tailored clothes for 30-some years and I can tell you no two back sides are the same either. Unless you seriously have no buttocks your bottoms need to be custom altered just like your whopper. The rise iThat's Sew Ivy Graphicn the back of a skirt that makes it look longer in the front, the open pucker that happens at the top of your jeans or shorts showing your undies. Those are all “booty”/backside problems that can be EASILY fixed.  Especially if you wear belts because now you’ve made your hind-parts look ridiculous by trying to close the open area of your slacks.

All I’m saying is, a good tailor will be able to help keep your favorite clothes a little longer. They’re not as expensive as you think. They don’t cater to the rich and famous. A tailor is also wonderful to have if you’ve lost weight & you’re not ready to change your wardrobe out just yet, too.


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